Silicone mixes formulated ad hoc.

Working with the most demanding customers from all over the world has made it possible for us to establish a relationship of trust with each and every one of them, because we recommend the type of rubber according to the piece being cast (morphology or structure), the type of material being used for the final product, the production number and the number of casts (mixes at the highest, medium and lowest circulation).

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We manufacture success. 

Our success is based on the extremely high quality of the products that we tailor to the needs of customers all over the world. We have been following this company philosophy since 1970 for each and every single stage in the process, starting with every construction project, through to the quality control of each individual product.

Our mission

The only ones in the world to provide professional training.

For over 30 years, our preparatory courses for creating moulds, for vulcanisation and casting techniques for low melting metal alloys, polyurethane and wax, mean that you can truly get the most from our machines. Many companies that have followed our courses are now leaders in their markets of reference.

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We are the world’s best because so are our partners.

In the last 30 years we have been passionately dedicated to the high-end jewellery industry.

Thanks to our close collaboration with the world’s best jewellery companies, we have been able to create perfect mixes for each critical phase in manufacturing and our experience is such that we can guarantee excellent finishes. Every tiny detail is discussed, tested and studied in our laboratories in Italy to improve performances and structural details and therefore, perfected to guarantee only success.


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